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The Colony

Working through The Bridge Fund  to fight food-insufficiency in Bonita Springs and Estero


The Colony Project's Beginnings

The Colony Project ("TCP") was started in 2014 by Colony resident, Jill Kushner, who is passionate about feeding the hungry kids and other needy residents in Bonita Springs and Estero.  In 2019, Jill asked The Bridge Fund to become custodian of TCP funds and manage their distribution. Jill continues to be responsible for TCP fundraising, with all donations going to The Bridge Fund solely to meet The Colony Project’s specific objectives. 

Thank you to Jill for her incredible support and compassion in starting

The Colony Project!

How The Colony Project Works 


The Bridge Fund has enlisted the support of several community partners to provide various new or expanded year-round, seasonal and emergency food programs. 

                                    Thanks to The Colony Project: 

  • Cafe of Life is offering new programs serving the homebound, migrant workers, and infants and preschoolers

  • Blessings in a Backpack has expanded its reach into schools in our community

  • Meals on Wheels has increased the number of seniors and shut-ins served in Bonita Springs, and added a new Estero delivery route

  • Meals of Hope and Community Cooperative bring mobile pantries to three Bonita Springs locations to provide grocery and household items.

Who The Colony Projects Serves

  • 41 homebound seniors and others receive bi-weekly deliveries of fresh produce and dairy products, and complete holiday meals through Café of Life.

  • 268 school children at risk of undernourishment at home find a weekend take-home food pack tucked into their backpacks on Friday afternoon, supplied by Blessings in a Backpack.

  • 30 migrant farm worker families pick up shelf-stable grocery and household items delivered weekly to their encampments by Cafe of Life.

  • 60 food insecure families who rely on the Cafe of Life's weekday lunch site take home chicken or ground beef meal supplies for the weekend

  • 30 migrant families receive delivery of food twice/month from January - May through Redlands Christian Migrant Association.

  • Hundreds of families and individuals impacted by Hurricane Ian and personal hardships have weekly access to mobile pantries in three neighborhood locations, sponsored by Community Cooperative and Meals of Hope.

  • More than 100 isolated seniors and other shut-ins receive deliveries of meals, pet food and hygiene items - along with friendly, personal contact - from Meals on Wheels.

  • 100 infants and pre-school children are served healthy snacks while they or a parent participate in Cafe of Life activities.

Making a Difference in Bonita Springs and Estero

Since 2019, The Colony Project has provided over $345,000 for programs to fight food insufficiency in our Bonita Springs/Estero community.

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