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Neighbors in Need 

The Bridge Fund assists residents of Bonita Springs, Estero and environs at the request of one of our Partners -- a social service agency or school that determines it's unable to provide a solution alone.   

Our neighbors are children needing glasses, head lice treatments or school supplies; they are families going through tough times seeking one-time help with rent or utility payments; and women escaping abuse who, with a security deposit, can move to a new, safe home; they are uninsured seniors who require cataract removal; and under-employed adults needing a training, test or licensing fee to advance; they are hurricane and severe weather survivors who have no beds and sleep on the floor; and single parents risking their jobs when having to decide whether to pay for a car repair or the childcare bill. 

They are our Neighbors in Need, and thanks to the generosity of The Bridge Fund Family of Donors, we are here to help. 

Help Us Help Neighbors In Need!

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23530 Peppermill Court

Bonita Springs, FL  34134

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