What We Do

When the need is there, so is The Bridge Fund

Providing critical help 24/7/365

What We Provide

  • Housing

  • Utilities

  • Food 

  • Clothing

  • Transportation

  • Beds

  • Medical care

  • Dental

  • School supplies

  • Other

Who We Help

Working through our Partners, who request our assistance when they are unable to provide all or part of what is needed, The Bridge Fund helps children, single parents, families, elderly, students, homeless, and domestic violence and human trafficking victims with critical and basic needs when other resources aren't available, or when an immediate response is required.   

In addition, we are feeding food-insecure families, students and seniors in Bonita Springs and Estero with funds raised by The Colony Project. This special initiative, administered by The Bridge Fund, provides shelf-stable groceries, weekend meals and more to neighbors who are at risk of experiencing food shortages.  

To read more about The Colony Project, click below.

How The Bridge Fund Changes Lives

house icon.JPG

A housekeeper diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer was unable to work. The financial assistance she received while undergoing chemotherapy wasn’t enough to cover her utility bills and mortgage. The Bridge Fund made a mortgage payment for her.