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How We're Different

When social service agencies and schools have to say NO, we can say YES! 

Here's why...

Unique Structure

We work through our partners—social agencies and schools—who assure the validity of the need. If they lack resources or time, or are facing a problem they're otherwise unable to handle alone, they know they can turn to The Bridge Fund. 

Immediate Response

Because we respond electronically, more than 85% of requests are fulfilled within 24 hours. Urgent decisions can be made within hours...our record is under 20 minutes!  That means utility service can be restored, or a homeless family temporarily housed, the same day as we receive a request for help.


Fueled by a working board and caring volunteers, our low overhead model allows approximately 98% of contributions to be available for direct assistance. 

Local and All-Volunteer

We are neighbors helping neighbors in need. Founded by Pelican Landing/Colony residents, we serve residents in the surrounding area who have nowhere else to turn.

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A housekeeper diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer was unable to work. The financial assistance she received while undergoing chemotherapy wasn’t enough to cover her utility bills and mortgage. The Bridge Fund made a mortgage payment for her.

How The Bridge Fund Changes Lives

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